• 18 July 2017

The 44th British All Winners Drama Festival - University Players, Hamburg


‘Lift Not the Painted Veil’ tells the story of Mary Shelley and her creation Frankenstein. An old Mary Shelley in her final hours is visited by her creation. Through this meeting Mary is transported back to the period when she got the ideas for her famous novel. But why is the monster here? What does he want? In Frankenstein, the Creature himself gives his account of the story through Mary Shelley’s famous words. The often neglected perspective of the so-called “monster” uncovers, where the actual horror of Frankenstein lies: Prejudice, isolation, vengefulness and the lack of responsibility that human-beings feel for each other. Who are the real monsters in our society?

Dates & Times

18 July 2017 7.30 p.m.

Ticket Prices

Single Ticket £12.00
Three or more evenings £10.00 each ticket
Weekly ticket £8.00 each ticket

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