• 19 July 2017

The 44th British All Winners Drama Festival - The Service Players and a rehearsed play reading by The Lamproom Theatre Company.


'Is This Seat Taken?' is by Sean Baker. Laura & Will are trying to spice up their marriage by pretending they are on a first date . Things don’t go to plan and Will storms off. Laura is talking to Andy, the barman, when his girlfriend Carrie arrives and accuses him of chatting up Laura. Things take a surprising turn from here. The Service Players are an Isle of Man Amateur Dramatic Society who are celebrating their 75th Year this year, one of the original founders being Jon Pertwee, the famous comedic actor who was latterly best known for his roles as Dr Who and Worzel Gummidge. 'A Frank Exchange' is by Nicholas Marsh. The judges made the following comments about the play Set in Amsterdam in 1944, this play is tense and dramatic. It is very well constructed with several twists and climaxes which hold interest throughout - building to a strong, telling, harrowing conclusion. The contrasting characters are very well drawn while the spare, unsentimental dialogue is equally contrasting varying from the smooth to the sharp and sinister – thus adding to the tension of the situation. The very clear sense of time and place add to the special appeal of this play. There are many underlying themes in the script including loyalty, fear, secrets, betrayal, and maternal protection of family. These themes are brought out with subtle skill by the playwright who captures a strong and consistent style in this very original play. The presentation of the George Taylor Memorial Award to the author will be made at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday 23 July 2017.

Dates & Times

19 July 2017 7.30 p.m.

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Single tickets £12.00
Three or more productions £10.00 each ticket
Weekly ticket £8.00 each ticket

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