• 08 September 2017

Manford's Comedy Club @ The Lamproom Theatre (7)


With our monthly sell out shows in great venues around the country, we have put some of the best comedians from the UK comedy circuit in front of some of the best crowds. Our audiences have such a wonderful reputation within the business that we even on occasion get special guests dropping in, John Bishop, Sarah Millican, Russell Kane and even Michael McIntyre have all played a Manford’s gig and I’m sure will again in the future! So thank you for making our first couple of years a success, it’s fair to say that it’d be pretty rubbish without you. I know how easy it is to do nothing, how easy it would be to sit and watch your favourite comedians on YouTube or Dave Ja Vu, but I know, and I think you know too, that there is simply, nothing like live. The thrill of being there is something that nothing can replicate, the excitement of watching a performer with your mates, colleagues or loved ones knowing that absolutely anything could happen and witnessing the magic that only happens there in that very moment; it’s why stand up comedy remains one of the best nights out you’ll ever have.

Dates & Times

08 September 2017 8.00 p.m.

Ticket Prices

All tickets £12.50

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