• 14 June 2020

'The Lamproom Daily' - Day 83 - A bit of 'Grappling' - 10 years on!

A strong, critically-acclaimed community-theatre cast drove the production forward and we were blessed to feature on regional TV, radio and in a wealth of press articles. Hailed as 'a comic masterpiece' by The Star, Sheffield, it was a creatively rich period in my post-college, mid-university, pre-graduation career - when Summer nights were long and hair was lusciously thick and golden! Seeing my Gramps and wrestling partner-in-crime Gordon Allen take in the sheer warmth of a capacity crowd's standing ovation on the show's closing night will live with me forever.

Despite a 'by popular demand' return the following year and immense interest from a certain 'Evertonian' producer, that's where the GRAPPLING story ended. To date, its the only fully-fledged stage musical to celebrate the glory days of the British 'WORLD OF SPORT' wrestling era. I'm incredibly proud of its score and, having since revised its script, the time is overly ripe for a revival. Escapist theatre for the masses? Too right!

Here's a 'comic highlight' of the show, featuring a motley crew of gym-goers: THE BODY BEAUTIFUL!

...Ten years ago? Time truly flies 💚