• 14 May 2020

'The Lamproom Daily' - Day 52 - The Rochdale Cowboy visits The Lamproom - 2011.....

Fifteen years after giving up touring the folk clubs, festivals and concert halls, BBC Radio 2 presenter Mike Harding went back on the road.

He took his own unique mix of folk song and daft stories to arts centres and little theatres from Barnsley to Buxton, Lancaster to Lincoln.

“I did a couple of local gigs in October for friends and really really enjoyed them,” he says, “The audience did too so I thought; right then – let’s have a proper doo!”

“People often asked me why I no longer toured – the answer was always that it wasn’t a conscious thing, I just ended up climbing and trekking in the Himalayas and doing other stuff like writing books on church architecture and fly fishing and they sort of took over.”

“Well now, I have removed the stake from my heart, binned the garlic and rolled back the tomb lid and am heading for a gig somewhere near you.”

Despite his lengthy absence from the clubs and concerts, Mike retained one link with his former fans through his weekly Folk, Roots and Acoustic show on BBC Radio 2.

But he didn’t expect such a tremendous response to the new tour. 

Mike’s called his new show “Me, a guitar and some daft stuff” and promises an evening of songs, stories and monologues.  With over forty years of material to draw on, the man once described as the “grandfather of alternative comedy” will be re-visiting a repertoire that has had audiences collapse with laughter from South Shields to Sidney, Halifax to Hong Kong.