• 01 September 2020

'The Lamproom Daily' - Day 162 - 'Anything Goes' at The Lamproom in 2019....

‘Anything Goes’ is set onboard the ocean liner S.S.American, which is sailing between New York and England.  On board is a comically colourful assemblage of passengers: Reno Sweeney, a popular nightclub singer and former evangelist, her pal Billy Crocker, a lovelorn Wall Street broker who has come aboard to try to win the favour of his beloved Hope Harcourt (who is engaged to another passenger, Sir Evelyn Oakleigh), and a second-rate conman named Moonface Martin. 

Song, dance and farcical antics ensue as Reno and Moonface try to help Billy win the love of his life. 

‘Anything Goes’ contains great musical numbers such as ‘Anything Goes’, ‘You’re The Top’, and ‘I Get a Kick Out Of You’.