• 22 July 2020

'The Lamproom Daily' - Day 121 - John Reilly sings Elton!

UK singer song singer writer John Reilly and Canadian writer and composer Lewis Nitikman grew up thousands of miles apart and from the ages of 10 were influenced by the amazing songs of Elton John. 

When they eventually were drawn together as successful writers and performers in their own right, they decided to pay back the priceless influence and inspiration that forged their need to write by taking to the stage to celebrate and passionately perform the songs that made such a mark on their lives. 

So this is not a tribute. No dressing up. No miming. No backing tracks. 

Just two consummate professionals celebrating amazing, timeless songs performed from the heart in a show that has people on their feet, moved and shouting for more from a world class singer and a world class pianist sincerely and honestly honouring Sir Elton John who has been a huge influence on their careers.