• 20 July 2020

'The Lamproom Daily' - Day 119 - We're still in panto mode!.....

The story follows Cinderella, who is constantly made to clean, cook, wash and generally be a slave to her two Ugly Sisters, Buttercup and Daisy. The father of all three girls is Baron Hardup, who looks after Cinderella, but is always short of money.

Buttons is Cinderellas only true friend, who looks after her when she is upset by her sisters.  However, Cinderella has another friend, in the form of a Fairy Godmother, and when Cinderella is not allowed to go to a ball hosted by Prince Charming, the Fairy Godmother casts a spell which turns some white mice and a pumpkin into a beautiful coach and horses.  Cinderella has a beautiful ball gown and glass slippers, and goes to the ball, with strict instructions to be back before midnight.

At the ball she meets and falls in love with Prince Charming, and in the whirlwind realises it is past midnight.  As she runs to get back to her home she loses a glass slipper and does not get a chance to say goodbye to Prince Charming, who is heartbroken at losing her. 

The Prince and his friend Dandini set out to find the owner of the glass slipper by touring the kingdom to try it on everyone – including the Ugly Sisters.  Eventually Cinderella is called to try on the slipper and, as it fits, she is reunited with Prince Charming, who asks her to marry him and live happily ever after.