• 05 September 2019

The 20th anniversary season begins with classic John Godber - 'Up 'n' Under'

Louise Armitage was part of the winning cast in 2003, but now she takes on the role of Director for the 2019 production.

Cast members in 2003 were Barry Askham, Phil Shepherd, Peter Foster, Paul Haley, Richard Caile and, of course, Louise Armitage.  It's a new cast for 2019, but you are sure to be entertained with an hilarious script and brilliant acting!

This classic award-winning comedy follows amateur Rugby League minnows The Wheatsheaf Arms in their quest to beat arch rivals, The Cobblers Arms from Castleford.  The Cobblers Arms have been the best and most feared amateur Rugby League team for the past ten years.

Ex-pro Arthur bets their boss that he can train a bunch of deadbeats to defeat them in a local rugby sevens tournament.  He has just eight weeks to persuade, cajole and bully the reluctant, drunken layabouts of The Wheatsheaf into a team capable of beating The Cobblers Arms, something which hasn't been done for ten years.

Will he be able to do it?  Come and find out at The Lamproom!