• 11 June 2021

Remember the 'Women Against Pit Closures' campaign? Come and meet Anne and Betty - United By The Struggle.....

Anne Scargill and Betty Cook met at the beginning of the Miners’ Strike. Betty was a proud miner’s daughter, wife and mother, who was determined to support her family and community. Anne happened to be married to Arthur Scargill, the President of the Miners’ Union. She too was steeped in the history of coalfield culture. Together they helped to create perhaps the greatest thing to come out of the strike, the Women Against Pit Closures movement. Inspired by the working-class values that raised them, they put their arms around those who needed support, fed the hungry, and stood firm against those whose intent was to destroy their way of life. Once the strike was over, through education and direct action, they stepped over the threshold to support working people in struggle both at home and abroad, changing not only the direction of their own lives, but many other women too.  

Now their joint memoir – UNITED BY THE STRUGGLE – will be brough to life in a special presentation at Barnsley’s Lamproom Theatre on Friday 6th August 2021. Told with humour and conviction, this is an indispensable slice of social history, revealing the vitality of two remarkable women who possess the strength and resolve to stand up for what they believe in and how, no matter what, they never give in. The evening will feature readings by the author Ian Clayton and actor Maxine Peake, as well as a Questions and Answers session featuring you, the audience. An uplifting journey of reflection and celebration at The People's Theatre.