• 04 April 2018

Classic drama from 'All My Sons'

‘All My Sons’ is set in August 1947 in a small industrial town, 700 miles from New York. Joe Keller is a man who loves his family above all else. He has lost one son, Larry, in the war and is keen to see his remaining son, Chris, marry.  Chris wishes to marry the former fiancée of his dead brother, but his mother believes Larry still to be alive.  It is this belief which has enabled her, for three and a half years, to support Joe by concealing her knowledge of the dreadful crime he has committed, but storm clouds loom. 

Arthur Miller examines the morality of a man who places his narrow responsibility to his immediate family above his wider responsibility to society in this exceptionally powerful and emotional play. 

This production is Wakefield Little Theatre’s entry for the Wakefield Drama Festival at the end of May.