• 21 January 2019

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of ‘Quadrophenia’ at The Lamproom Theatre with ‘Who’s Next’…….

From the explosive opening power chords of ‘I Can’t Explain’ to the majestic pomp of ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’Who’s Next’ embody ‘The Who’ in their prime. Expect to see Daltrey’s swinging microphone and gutsy vocals, Townshend’s trademark windmill guitar playing style, Entwistle’s ice cool virtuoso bass playing and Moon’s wild-man antics; demolishing the drums like a man possessed! ‘Who’s Next’ wear period stage outfits and use authentic instruments to create the total ‘Who’ concert experience. 

Who’s Next’ were formed in 2003 and have been touring Europe and the UK ever since. They are regarded as the number one ‘Who’ tribute in Europe. ‘Who’s Next’s busy touring schedule includes corporate performances for major blue chip companies such as Cisco Systems, Bayer Global, the BBC, Bauer Consumer Media Ltd and Bourne Leisure. They are regular favourites on the International festival circuit playing shows in Germany, Greece, Spain, Norway, Holland, France, Cyprus and Romania, including their appearance at the BBC Radio 2 Carfest event where they entertained an audience of over 50,000. Their longevity is a testament to their professionalism and musical prowess. 

A must for any Who fan!