• 30 October 2017

An exciting new project at The Lamproom is now launched.... The Lamproom Theatre - Celebrating Our Mining Heritage

The Miners Lamps project is one which has been long-anticipated, but has had to wait until the theatre has a strong patron base before substantial funds could be raised for what is a major project, scheduled to take place in August 2018, in time for the Autumn 2018 season. 

The project is being managed by a dedicated group of Trustees, staff and volunteers, all working together in order that their experience and talents can be utilised to ensure that the Miners Lamps can be displayed and enjoyed by everyone visiting The Lamproom Theatre, at the same time recognising the strong traditions of Barnsley and surrounding areas.


If you would like to donate to this innovative project, you can do so via Crowdfunder – please visit via this link  or look for Lamproom Theatre - Celebrating Our Mining Heritage on Crowdfunder – donate today!