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Have you had a drink in our 'new' bar yet? What are you waiting for?....

It’s all been happening during the summer at The Lamproom Theatre – a ‘new’ Theatre Bar was unveiled when audiences attended the opening production in September, and it’s proving to be a popular place for a pre or post-show drink for audiences and performers alike. Next time you are at The Lamproom make sure you pop in to have a look and join us for a drink.

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Meet the Cratchit family! You can see them at The Lamproom this week.....

13 November 2019;

Bob Cratchit and his family will be appearing at The Lamproom Theatre from Friday 15 November to Saturday 23 November at various times - come along and see their story - Mr Scrooge will be there as well - of course!

The Spring 2020 season will soon be here - tickets on sale Monday 2 December......

23 October 2019;

The Spring 2020 season will soon be upon us, and you will soon be seeing details of all the productions on Facebook and other Social Media - please take a look so that you can decide which of the fantastic shows you will wish to come and see! Tickets for all our shows form January to July 2020 will go on sale on Monday 2 December 2019 at 10.00 a.m.

Sell-outs galore at The Lamproom Theatre - check availability NOW!

13 October 2019;

The month of October is bringing plenty to enjoy at The Lamproom BUT, the following shows have SOLD OUT - 'Hairspray' (15 to 21 October), 'The Greatest Halloween Show' (24 October) and 'Manfords Comedy Club' (25 October). There are only a handful of tickets left for 'A Cat-Shaped Space - Milly Johnson' on Tuesday 22 October - so BOOK NOW if you don't want to miss out!